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DOVO Shavette Red

Straight Razor Kit w/ Holder, Extra Blades

Posted by JT Hats

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DOVO Shavette Red Though my instinct is to recoil and wonder why anyone would want to revert to the Dark Ages of shaving, the DOVO Shavette Straight Razor actually could be an excellent choice for men who prefer well-kept beards and moustaches to plain faces.

Only professionals still use straight razors today, and even though the quality of a barber shop shave surpasses the best home version, straight razors for home use are not common shopping choices. If you buy this one, you'll find it most useful in combination with a safety razor -- the red model DOVO even uses the same double-edged razor blades as your old Gillette. Where this modern straight razor will come in most handy is in those awkward places where electric and safety razors never quite reach. Cutting clean lines in moustaches and sideburns will require a little practice, but the DOVO will certainly do better work than razors with training wheel safety guards. With the DOVO, you'll be able to see the actual edge of the blade and get the results you want.

The red DOVO offers a shorter cutting edge than DOVO's black model, which requires blades specially engineered for DOVO razors. DOVO's green version holds only single edge blades, so for general use and overall economy, the red DOVO is a good all-around choice.

The DOVO relieves owners of the need for a barber's honing strap by holding safety razor blades in an aluminum blade arm. Don't skimp on new blades, and you'll always have a razor sharp edge. The potential for mayhem is only slight. If you do nick yourself, it won't be deep -- most of the cutting blade is shielded in the aluminum arm of this safety straight razor.

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