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Double Headed Spear w/ Wax Wood Shaft

Wushu Martial Arts Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Double Headed Spear w/ Wax Wood Shaft I can accept that training weapons shouldn't be combat level for beginning level training. Wushu routines stress acrobatics and weapons handling and often require lighter versions of the traditional weapons. But a good wushu weapon still looks like the real thing and has to retain the weapon's original character. This double headed spear with wax wood shaft falls short of that. Although it would serve as a training tool, it doesn't have the balance or the character required for wushu.

Though waxwood is a traditional choice for both staff and spear, the shaft used in this weapon is not uniform in diameter. That throws the center of balance off. The double spearheads are crudely shaped of chrome plated mild steel. The rounded tips and edges don't satisfy any aesthetic sense and give the spear the look of flattened tubing. Overall length of 80 inches includes two three-inch-long rudimentary spearheads with red blood tassels.

The most durable part of this weapon is the waxwood shaft, and even that isn't up to standard. Genuine spears in the Asian tradition were often made with slender and flexible shafts. Using the whipping action of the shaft, a good spearman could guide a spearhead around and past an opponent's weapon, but a high quality and predictable wooden shaft was critical. To find that today, enthusiasts will have to step up a few grades.

This is barely a taste of what a spear can be, but it's at least a start. Owners will want something better soon enough.

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