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Dragon’s Lair Gil Hibben Sword w/ Display Plaque by United Cutlery

Gold Limited Edition Fantasy Collectible, Battle Ready & Functional

Posted by JT Hats

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Dragon's Lair Gil Hibben Sword w/In 2009, United Cutlery produced a limited run of only 1500 Gil Hibben Dragon's Lair Gold Editions Swords, and only a few haven't yet found their way into the hands of proud owners. Your last chance to acquire the pristine version of this gold-plated sword is coming soon.

Termed an adult collectible, the Dragon's Lair Sword is enough weapon to require the supervision of sensible adults if it falls into the hands of a minor. Children might see it as a pretty toy, but this is 38-1/8 inches of high carbon 440 stainless steel with some of the practical details of an old fighting weapon. By ancient measures it's a one-handed longsword, but the forward grip and extra set of parrying guards give it at least the look of a two-handed battle sword. This is more interesting than practical, since there's no place for a second handhold up front without encountering some sharp, decorative blades.

Highly polished, the mirror-bright stainless steel sword is double-edged, but not razor-sharp, and does carry a central fullered blood groove in the spine of the blade. If skewering dragons is your favorite sport, the blood channel will make recovery of the sword a little easier. Bladeguards and pommel of the Gold Edition sword really are plated with 24K gold, not imitation, and the grip is wrapped with real leather.

Gil Hibben's Dragon's Lair Sword comes with a decorative wood plaque for secure wall mounting. This fine set includes a certificate of authenticity.

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