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Dual Fantasy Dragon Dagger Set

Detailed Crescent Sword w/ Table Display Stand

Posted by JT Hats

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Dual Fantasy Dragon Dagger Set In a perfect size for desktop display, these Dragon Dagger Swords should please any gaming fan looking for real-world loot. Although the design looks Klingon, the inspiration for modern crescent daggers actually came from real weapons used in Chinese martial arts.

These two very detailed fantasy daggers rest on a compact wooden stand and include removable plastic safety covers for the crescent blades' edges. Eleven-inch-long arcs of 440 stainless steel form the cutting blades, which come sharp enough for display but not for true slashing. The grip length of 3.5 inches fits most hands, and imitation suede wrapped over the cast metal dragon handles offers a secure hold. The hand grips represent twin dragon heads and show considerable detail including scales, barbs, and fangs as well as ruby-red glass eyes.

Modern fantasy weapons like the Dual Dragon Daggers and the Klingon Bat'leth resemble genuine weapons from an old Chinese martial art called Baguaquan. Dual daggers similar to the dragon knives were formed from overlapping crescents of steel, including forward-facing horns and slashing edges. The "deer antler" knives could hook an enemy weapon with the reversed crescent and attack with the arc that faced forward. Old weapons of this kind inspired many of the fantasy swords wielded by today's video gamers. Although they're not entirely impractical, using them well depends on skills few people actually acquire today.

See the Twin Tiger Claw Hooks for another more realistic example of ancient Chinese dual weaponry.

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