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Tiger Claw Hooks Twin Blades

Martial Arts Weapons, Battle Ready Replica Display

Posted by JT Hats

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Twin Tiger Hooks Knives Obviously designed for advanced martial artists, the Tiger Hooks in this set from Tiger Claw match the form of the old weapons but not the function. Built of chrome plated mild steel with lightly wrapped handles, these Tiger Hooks will suit those who want a simple wall display or a lightweight training set. Designed for the practice of movements but not for actual strikes, the hooks lack the sharp edges and points of the real weapons. For learning the old systems of movements and applications this wushu grade set makes better sense than the heavier combat steel versions. Any weapon this complex isn't harmless even with the points ground off. These Tiger Hooks are more than toys.

Tiger Hooks were rare weapons even in old China and never came into use as military arms. Some authentic instruction systems are still available. Unusual weapons often were customized to the demands of very advanced fighters. New approaches and new tools allowed the development of techniques that were difficult to counter. Probably many of the old secrets of the Tiger Hooks died with the people who carried them.

From the shape, it's obvious that disarming an opponent's long weapon was one of the key applications. The crescent blade hand guards resemble the Rooster Knives of Bagua, specialized weapons meant for defense against multiple attackers. Sharpened edges of the hook shaft served as sword blades, and the dagger blade pommels could come into play if someone did penetrate the outer defense. Whether Tiger Hooks were intended as defense against tigers -- an actual problem in those days -- or the blades patterned the hooked slashing claws of the tiger is something that probably could be answered better by training than by reading.

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