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Ed Kalfayan Custom Bowie Knife

Collectible Designer Model

Posted by JT Hats

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Ed Kalfayan Custom Bowie Knife After more than 25 years as a knife maker, Ed Kalfayan finally retired and no longer takes orders for his fine custom blades. If you're lucky, you can still find one, but many owners have decided to hang onto theirs permanently. Mr. Kalfayan's style is unique and always shows a level of detail few smiths approach. One of his trademark accents to a blade is the use of colorful spacer materials in the handles, small enough to be discreet but bright enough to catch the eye.

The Kalfayan Custom Recurve Bowie is a great example of why Mr. Kalfayan is still one of the best, retired or not. The perfect sweep of a Bowie blade properly done really is both a work of art and a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Maybe you have to try it yourself before you realize the extreme mix of machine knowledge, metallurgical know-how and manual dexterity that goes into a knife of this quality. Beginners could try for years to match the Bowie Recurve and never get close.

Some of the fine points of the Recurve are just on the edge of practical. The hollow grind is deep, and would be too much if the stock itself were not a hair under a quarter inch thick. Hilt, pommel and finger grip might be too large if they didn't work so well in the hand, but even though the Kalfayan Bowie almost looks like a fantasy blade there's nothing in it to doubt. In this 15.7 inches of ironwood and stainless steel you won't find flaws.

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