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Fallkniven A1 Army Survival Knife

Kraton Handle | Fixed Blade Bushcraft

Posted by Ken

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Fallkniven A1 Army Survival Knife Gotta hand it to the Swedes - they sure do know how to make a great survival knife. Fallkniven is a supplier of knives to the king of Sweden, so they're probably doing something right.

Along with the H1 Hunting Knife and F1 Pilot Survival Knife, this A1 is another of their most popular models.

The 6.5 inch blade is VG-10 steel, a high-carbon, molybdenum, chromium and vanadium mix that is often used in high-end Japanese kitchen knives. It's well known for its ability to hold a very sharp edge without being overly brittle.

The blade is hardened to 59 on the Rockwell C scale, quite high for this type of blade. Out of the box it is very sharp and its simple geometry makes it straightforward to resharpen.

It is a full-tang blade, extending beyond the end of the knife even while it is hidden inside the handle.

And speaking of the handle, it's made of molded Kraton for an excellent non-slip grip without being overly rough. Note that it features a finger guard, which you may or may not be interested in.

Included is a Zytel Sheath.

If you ever have a chance to meet the King of Sweden, ask him how he likes his and let me know, okay?

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