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Fiskars Wood Chopping Axe, Fiberglass Handle

Pro Carpenter Hatchet Tools 7858

Posted by JT Hats

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Fiskars Wood Chopping Axe, FiberglassFiskars doesn't claim that the Pro Chopping Axe is unbreakable, but it does give the axe a limited lifetime warranty against defects in worksmanship, covering both head and handle. Most owners of the Fiskars Pro will not take it past its limits, which are set pretty high anyway. In one demonstration, the Fiskars axe is run over by a truck but emerges undamaged.

Axe craft focuses damage in other ways than a truck would, but the Fiskars still holds up well in most cases. The handle -- built of composite nylon and fiberglass -- extends completely around the solid steel axe head and eliminates problems with loose fits and fly-away steel. The balance is totally different from either a wooden or steel-handled axe, since the Nyglass composite is so light, but it's easy to adapt to the lighter load. The handle is more comfortable to use than steel -- the Nyglass absorbs much of the shock.

Part of the axe's efficiency comes from the narrow profile of the axe head itself -- a thinner wedge cuts with less resistance than a heavier axe head with a wider build. That thinner edge may sometimes fail when working on the hardest woods. If that happens, rather than make things worse by trying to power on with a dull bit, owners should stop and fix the problem. A little work with a diamond hone should put the Fiskars Pro back to rights.

In carpentry or timber framing, the bulge of handle material around the axe head would be a real problem and make accurate trimming awkward, but few homeowners need an axe for that sort of work today. Those who do will own something else -- probably an axe from Gransfors Bruks.

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