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Fusilier Dive Knife by Underwater Kinetics 30234

Diving UK Sable Upgrade w/ Serrated Blunt Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Fusilier Dive Knife by UnderwaterThe Underwater Kinetics Fusilier is a dive knife for those divers who don't wish to carry actual knives. That seems like a strange idea, but there are reasons this knife might appeal to other more broad-minded divers as well.

The Fusilier is an upgrade of the UK Sabre, another blunt-tip knife/tool made of less rugged materials than the Fusilier. The four-inch-long, double-edged blade of the Fusilier has a more efficient serrated side than the Sabre, and this prybar-style knife is made from UK's own alloy, Hydralloy. Hydralloy was developed to provide better durability and corrosion resistance than the 440C of the UK Sabre but remains lower priced than UK's best titanium knives.

Although many would certainly prefer a strong knife point rather than the blunt chisel of the Fusilier, if your work or hobby requires frequent use of a chipping or prying tool, the Fusilier certainly provides that. The strong handle includes a deep finger choil for a solid grip on the tool and does have enough width for twisting power. Most functions of a knife blade are still covered by the Fusilier, which also has a cord-cutting notch ground into the base of the knife's plain edge. The Fusilier has some handy potentials, but it might make a better accessory than a primary dive knife. Points still come in handy for most of us.

The friction locking sheath of the Fusilier could be worn on gear belts or straps, or bolted to equipment through the sheath's pre-bored mounting holes, and holds the tool securely in any position.

If you'd like a larger dive knife that's a cutter, check out the UK Titanium Dive Knife with spear-point blade.

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