General Edge Viking Sword | Stainless Steel Medieval Replica Weapon Review

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General Edge Viking Sword This is a model of an earlier Viking sword, dating back to the Middle Ages between the ninth and tenth centuries. It is a true replica of historic Viking form and function. Traditionally, the earlier Viking swords weren’t that decorated. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that decorative and elaborate embellishments became associated with Viking weaponry.

But this sword by General Edge maintains its accuracy, from the tapered wide and straight blade to the shell-shaped pommel on the end of the handle.

The blade is made from polished high carbon stainless steel and measures 30 inches in length. It features a wide blood groove that runs the entire length of the blade, down to the blunted spear point tip.

Its handle is made from solid wood, and is wrapped with imitation leather for a more comfortable, secure grip. A genuine brass guard and pommel are featured on either side of the grip. The brass makes it way onto the throat and tip of the sword’s genuine leather scabbard as well, completing the ensemble nicely.

So if you’re looking for a basic, inexpensive Viking sword with minimal flair and pure polish, then this replica blade by General Edge might suit you just fine.

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