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Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife

Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Posted by Ken

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Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife Very utilitarian in appearance but very functional in design, this knife created by William Hersey is an inexpensive alternative to traditional sheath knives made from more natural materials. The 4.5" blade is big enough for a full sized skinner and stout enough for camp work. The glass filled, rubberized handle is textured and shaped for safe and secure gripping. Available with a choice of edge styles, combo serrated or simply plain, the Big Rock will do the work without punching a hole in your budget..

If you are not into the mystique of knives you may be satisfied with the Big Rock. It's not a knife you'd regret dinging up by making mistakes, or using it in ways that are necessary but not covered by the warranty. If you are careless with your camping gear and your knives spend a lot of time in a damp box on your garage floor, or the rusty recesses of a tackle box, this is an excellent choice.

People tend to pull out their knives around the campfire at night and whittle, and judge one another by them. If you spend hours staring into campfire coals instead of sleeping, and to you the glint of a knife blade in the firelight means something hard to explain, you may find that this functional but not beautiful knife just won't hold enough memories.

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