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Gerber Lara Croft Guardian Back-Up Knife

Splinter Cell Tactical Boot Dagger

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Gerber Lara Croft Guardian Back-UpTwenty years ago Bob Loveless designed the first of these classic tactical knives, never suspecting their popularity would extend even to the realms of computer gaming. This Stealth styled epoxy black dagger has been the backup weapon for such famous fantasy characters as Lara Croft of Tomb Raider and Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell. Unless most blades from the computer world, this one is practical.

The Guardian Back Up from Gerber is forged from one full length piece of high carbon stainless steel, with a full length tang a hefty 3/4" wide yet a total weight of only 3 ounces. A sheath of tough plastic features variable tension adjustment, giving the user full control of sheath friction. With the handy clip mounting system the sheath can be securely fastened to a boot, a belt, or the webbing of your field gear. The knife is well balanced and its overall length of just over 7 1/4" includes 3.4" of pry-bar-strength blade. More than a last ditch weapon, the Back Up is tough enough for utility use as well as self defense.

The nylon fiberglass filled handle includes Softgrip inserts and a coating of Santoprene, a tough and long lasting synthetic with the feel of natural rubber. Loveless introduced only a few modern features to this old style of combat blade, but the changes he made were actual improvements, not fashion statements. The result is beautiful and deadly, and a very appropriate match for Lara Croft.

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