Last Samurai Sword Of Battle | Movie Replica Weapon Review | Display Stand

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Last Samurai Sword Of Battle Our previous Last Samurai sword set was a three-piece work of art. However, if three-piece display sets aren’t what you’re looking for, and you’d rather save some cash to go with a single-sword factory-sharpened set, try this Sword Of Battle replica.

It’s made from good quality 440 stainless steel and stretches out to 41.25 inches in overall sword length. The entire handle is made from blackened hardwood, secured into place by gold-colored fasteners.

The guard is forged from a gold-colored metal alloy, and a decorative dragon appears on either side of the guard in traditional Japanese samurai styling.

Kanji characters are engraved at the base of the blade, as seen in the movie. They translate as “bushido” or “the warrior Way” in reference to ancient Japanese chivalry and honor.

The sword is encased inside a wooden scabbard lacquered in a protective black coating. A wooden display stand comes with the set as well, with additional golden characters that also read “bushido,” this time in Japanese script.

As a single sword set, the Sword Of Battle is a fair deal. Check out the 3-piece set for a more complete set.

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