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Gerber Tactical High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife

Prodigy Military Combo Edge, Black

Posted by JT Hats

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Gerber Tactical High Carbon StainlessThe Gerber Prodigy scales down the design of Jeff Freeman's tactical fixed blade, the LMF II. Still a large knife by civilian standards, the 9-3/4-inch Prodigy provides more than 4-3/4 inches of strong Sandvik 12C27 high carbon stainless steel. The combo edge serves well for quick cutting of straps and rope, with enough plain edge up front for ordinary work.

The black oxide coated blade has the non-reflective finish that real tactical knives need and other types often copy. Military considerations also influenced the design of the sheath, which is built for silent work. A soft-grip coating on the textured handle and the sheath dampens noise as the Prodigy leaves the scabbard. Another feature of the ballistic nylon sheath is a friction release thumb catch, which locks the Prodigy in the scabbard until pressed. For anyone who crawls through heavy brush on occasion, that's a real plus. Adding a thigh strap to the sheath makes it even more secure.

Though it was designed with the military in mind, the Prodigy is a good knife for anyone needing a dependable but light survival knife or emergency blade. Seven ounces is a very reasonable weight for a good belt knife, so the Gerber Prodigy will be welcome on the trail as well as on the road. The butt of the handle is stout enough to be used as a window breaker, so the Prodigy can double as the emergency escape tool everyone should have in the car.

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