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Jungle King Bowie Hunting Knife by Trademark

Fixed Skinning Blade w/ Survival Kit, Nylon Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Jungle King Bowie Hunting Knife byThis heavy, fixed-blade Bowie knife from Trademark holds much more than a sharp edge with two different compartments of gear and even an extra skinning knife.

The 14-inch-long survival knife fits in an injection-molded plastic sheath with slots for the skeletonized skinner and a portion of the survival kit's gear. The tang of the small high carbon stainless steel skinning knife doubles as a bottle opener, and a cord cutting notch is ground into the skinner's spine. Nearly everything here has more than one use, including the main knife itself. Remove the butt cap from the handle and inside you'll find a plastic waterproof tube -- sealed with an O-ring -- full of more interesting survival tools and first aid supplies.

Among the things you'll find in this versatile kit are sewing and fishing kits, Band-Aids, tweezers, a signal mirror, can opener, slingshot, ten feet of paracord, and a compass. There's actually more, but there's a minimal amount of everything. If you buy the knife for serious use, take everything out and consider what you really need. Put more of that in the kit and throw the rest out.

The Jungle King qualifies as a fixed blade, but it's not a full tang knife or even a rat-tail tang knife. The bolster and handle are one piece of cast metal, machined for a dependable grip. The base of the blade seats in the bolster, held in place by a metal pin. Ordinary chores shouldn't overstress it, but it's no pry bar.

For another version of the combination knife and survival kit, see the Ramster Survival Knife.

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