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Ramster Survival Knife, Hollow Handle, Survival Accessories Kit

Posted by Ken

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Ramster Survival Knife, Hollow Handle,This is a massive knife. It's a clip point, plain edge 7.5-inch stainless steel blade with serrated spine and serrated swedge ground tip. A lot of the weight of this knife is cut out due to the fact that the steel handle is hollow, for storing survival essentials inside. Some of these survival things are included in the purchase: compass, sharpening stone, lengths of wire, fish line and hooks, thread, needles, etc. All this stuff, plus the personal survival objects you add, will not fit in the handle, but the nylon and plastic sheath has a number of pockets which can be filled with various goodies.

To me, this seems like a lot to carry on your belt. But, then again, when it comes down to life and death in the wild, I guess I would soon appreciate all that bulk. This is not a knife you go camping for a weekend with, just in case something happens. To carry this heavy-duty Ramster around, your odds of entering a bad situation should be pretty high.

It's not a bad knife. It is very, very similar to the Buck-184 Buckmaster, which was discontinued in 1997. Like the Buckmaster, the Ramster blade is high quality with a variety of edges to provide various cutting options. The spine is heavily serrated, almost like a saw. The swedge serrations are a bit lighter, maybe for cutting up acquired game and such. The plain edge is long, good for all kinds of tasks. Two inch points coming off the guard allow the knife to be used as an anchor when a line or lanyard is attached to the handle.

One problem that might occur with the Ramster is the hollow handle, which has reduced the strength of this knife somewhat. It might not be an issue, but could be your greatest downfall if it breaks. Just something to consider, but the hollow handle is great for storing important goods.

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