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Ka-Bar TDI Ankle Knife

Law Enforcement Self Defense Boot Blade

Posted by Ken

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Ka-Bar TDI Ankle Knife Designed for law enforcement use and with obvious features of interest to military personnel as well, civilians may do well to think of this as a collector's item. This scaled down version of Ka-Bar's popular TDI "last resort" knife is small enough to be worn at the ankle. A holster accessory is also available which allows the user to adjust the angle of carry, making the knife less obvious.

A 3.5" high carbon stainless steel black powder coated blade is still enough for effective self defense. Blade edges are available in either the traditional plain style or the recently popular serrated combo. The overall length of 7" and the unique ergonomic design of the handle ensure a firm and safe grip.

The canted set of the blade is a shift from traditional views of what a blade weapon should be. This knife is designed for people more used to pistols than blade weapons, and is rigged to be grabbed and used with much the same wrist orientation. In traditional terms it's somewhere between a dagger and a punch blade. Mentally that may take a little adjustment and practice.

Manufactured to Ka-Bar's usual high standards, this is definitely not a knife that civilians could explain away as a utility or sportsman's tool.

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