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Kershaw Money Clip Stainless Steel Pocket Knife Review

Posted by Ken

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Kershaw Money Clip Stainless SteelIt's always a good idea to keep your eyes open for bargain gift ideas when they happen to surface. We're bringing this Kershaw Money Clip Knife to your attention for that reason. It's quite a nifty little tool, and it isn't one of those "cheaply-made" knock-off models either. Since it's manufactured by Kershaw, you can trust that it's made with quality materials and extensive attention to detail. But let's take a look at the specs anyways:

The money clip is pretty small, only measuring two inches long. Its sleek design is meant to fit nicely inside the pocket to minimize bulk and discomfort.

Each piece of metal you see is fashioned from AUS 6A high carbon stainless steel. This particular variety of high-grade stainless steel is extremely durable, and is easier to sharpen than other grades of steel (H1 for example).

The case houses three convenient tools: a plain-edge blade, a nail file, and a pair of scissors. Each tool measures 1.625 inches in length, and is affixed to the case with steel bolsters in a satin finish.

A genuine rosewood inlay is set into the exterior of the case, adding yet another touch of class to this bargain gift idea.

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