King Richard the Lionheart Medieval Replica Sword Review

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King Richard the Lionheart MedievalDuring the late 1100s, several lands across the British Isles and northern Celtic territories saw the rule of Richard I, otherwise known as King Richard the Lionheart. He was a central figure during the Third Crusade, and garnered quite a reputation as a military leader and warrior.

This sword is replicated in his honor. It embodies the same style of weapon that King Richard is pictured wielding in many portraits. Furthermore, the most recognizable feature on this sword may be the implementation of King Richard’s royal crest, which was an image of three golden lions.

The sword measures an impressive 41.25 inches overall with a 27-inch blade. The blade is made from stainless steel and features small blood grooves that are quarter length.

The sword’s handle is exquisitely detailed, featuring the famed three-lion motif as mentioned earlier. A royal crest is featured below the guard on the display side, and on the reverse side King Richard’s initial “R” is engraved in royal caps. The entire handle is made from cast zinc and is finished with an antiqued silver patina.

The counterpart initial “L” can be found engraved on the bottom of the scabbard, which is included with the sword set. And it’s just as decorative. The scabbard is finished in simulated leather, complete with three lion ornaments.

As far as crusader swords go, King Richard the Lionheart’s sword will be sure to make as much of an impression as its namesake.

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