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Knight’s Templar Masonic Sword, Stainless Steel

Medieval Replica Weapon w/ Wall Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Knight's Templar Masonic Sword,Even though this ornate sword was built only for display, the Knight's Templar Sword from the King's Collection Series shows a quality you'll appreciate in the hand as well as on the wall.

With a false-edged 36-inch stainless steel blade and an overall length of 47 inches, this eight-pound sword feels battle ready. The battle potential is symbolic, but done well. Etching on the blade and ornamentation on the cast metal hilt, grip, and pommel portray secret symbols of this ancient order of Christian knights and mystics.

Many Templar swords with the same basic build look flashier and less authentic than this antiqued version of the Knight's Templar weapon. Two-toned ornamentation in burnished copper and gold highlights gives the sword a subdued but genuine appearance. The impression of age helps, since the meaning of this ceremonial weapon goes back many centuries to one of the earliest European orders of warrior monks. Originally formed to escort Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, the Knights Templar became an important military force during the Crusades. Later, their power extended into the financial world until finally the successes of the order drew the attention and wrath of King Philip IV of France.

Though members were tortured and persecuted and the Knights disbanded in 1312 by Papal decree, the secrets of the order live on in myth and private ceremony. This powerful replica sword catches a piece of that intriguing history for display on the wall. A simple wood grain plaque substitutes for a battle scabbard.

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