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Lord Of the Rings Scabbard, Gandalf Glamdring Sword

United Cutlery Fantasy Replica LOTR UC1417BL

Posted by JT Hats

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Lord Of the Rings Scabbard, GandalfIf you own United Cutlery's LOTR Movie Replica Sword Glamdring -- the personal weapon of Gandalf the Wizard -- you'll need a good scabbard whenever you take the sword down from the wall. That high-quality replica sword has the feel of a real weapon and will require some appropriate shielding.

United Cutlery offers two matching scabbards for the magical sword of Gandalf. Both scabbards feature the same sturdy construction, the only difference being whether you choose blue or white. Fittings are antiqued metal and have clearly been designed for this sword rather than pulled from a bin and pressed into service. The scabbard itself is neatly wrapped with colored leather and bears stout leather straps, which you'll need if you choose to wear the heavy two-handed sword rather than carry it.

The sheath is a massive 39 inches in length and a good fit for this impressive weapon, once the battle sword of the Elven King Turgon. Wielded by both Turgon and Gandalf as the saga progressed, Glamdring was also called Beater by the Goblin hordes of the Misty Mountains and played an essential role in the story of the Ring, where weapons were as powerful as the warriors themselves.

Choose the dark sheath to represent Gandalf's early self, Gandalf the Gray -- or the white sheath appropriate to his later role as Gandalf the White, head of the Istari Order and leader of the Fellowship of the Ring. A parchment of authenticity accompanies either choice of the Glamdring Scabbard.

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