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Makita Carving Knife Sharpener, Electric Horizontal 9820-2

Planer Edge Wet Wheel Grinder Waterstone

Posted by JT Hats

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Makita Carving Knife Sharpener,Makita designed the 9820-2 Horizontal Wheel Sharpener to restore the edges of planer blades to perfect condition. The same wet grinding system that sharpens planer blades perfectly true and razor sharp -- without danger of overheating -- will do the same great job on your best knives, wood plane blades, and chisels.

Created by Japanese engineers familiar with the traditional waterstone sharpening system preferred by that country's craftsmen, the Makita 9820-2 brings those same concepts to a much more precise machine. At the heart of the 24-pound bench-top grinder is a typical and replaceable aluminum oxide grinding wheel only 7-7/8 inches in diameter. Similar types of grinding wheels fit standard American bench grinders. The Makita works with the side of the wheel instead of the rim. That provides a wide surface which cuts with a flat grind instead of a hollow and produces a stronger blade edge.

A water tank on top of the grinder supplies a steady adjustable stream of coolant while the machine does its work. The water prevents cutting edges from overheating and constantly flushes the stone surface clear of debris. Turning at 560 rpm, the Makita Horizontal Wheel Wet Blade Sharpener can restore the edge of a planer blade 15-3/4 inches long. Working on planer blades requires a special attachment for planers only; another attachment will be needed for the same precision reworking of knives and scissors.

The Makita's powerful 1.1-amp motor keeps the action smooth and steady even on the longer blades. Blade angles can be set for either the Asian or European standard, but adjustment isn't quick. All adjustments are screw-driven, not pre-set, and controls on the guides interact. If you have the patience for perfect work, you'll love the Makita Horizontal Sharpener.

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