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Maxam Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife Review

Stainless Steel

Posted by Ken

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Maxam Hunting KnifeThis lightweight knife from Maxam is great for a variety of uses. It lessens the load by featuring cutouts in both the handle and blade.

The finger holes to make it easy and comfortable to use. They also allow you to extract more force with the knife.

The overall light weight and included case make it easy to transport, clip on a belt, etc. It is somewhat large, though -- it measures 13 and a half inches overall.

The blade is a 420 surgical stainless steel -- not the highest quality you can get but more than adequate for a knife this price.

The handle is a stimulated wood grain which give it a nice exotic look. Furthermore the bolster and finger holes are made of die-cast zinc.

Also included is a limited lifetime warranty.

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