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Medieval Falchion Replica Sword

Valiant Armoury | Persian Machete w/ Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Medieval Falchion Replica Sword The Falchion took centuries to evolve from what was probably a butcher knife or kitchen cleaver pressed into emergency service into what became a cross between an ax and sword. The Medieval Falchion from Valiant Armoury is both an accurate reproduction of this old weapon and an example of how it gradually changes from generation to generation. Once a simple machete-like blade, the falchion took on aspects of Persian and Chinese weapons over the years, and now that it's made in the Philippines, it's possible to see some of that machete concept coming back. That's something I like about Valiant's products -- they show ideas, not just copies. I can see the influence of the people who made this, not just the designers.

This 22-and-a-half-inch blade with hand-forged fullering and Persian-style upsweep is actually heavier than some of the old battlefield models of the Falchion. Three-and-a-half pounds of high carbon steel, macassar ebony, and leather wrapping makes this functional 28.75-inch replica a very impressive sword. Polished steel cross guard and pommel follow the old functional design, but the handle itself gives the piece unexpected flair. The sword includes a matching scabbard.

In terms of pure authenticity the Medieval Falchion is just a little too good. Swords of this weight and class were favored by the working soldiers, very often pressed into service off the farms of the day and matched up to weapons that equaled their abilities. Peasant soldiers received less training than the nobility or professional soldiers, coming into the military world with skills derived from handling farm tools. Weapons were provided that matched the feel and action of farm implements. A sword this advanced would probably have been out of their reach. Their loss, our gain.

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