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Hellboy II Spear Prince Nuada

Limited Edition Collectible | Movie Replica Fantasy Sword

Posted by JT Hats

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Hellboy II Spear Prince Nuada To perform with this unique weapon in the sequel to Hellboy -- Hellboy II -- actor Luke Goss trained for six months with Brad Allan of Jackie Chan's stunt team. As Prince Nuada, Elven military leader of the mechanical Golden Army, Luke Goss put this fanciful spear through a very credible portrayal of authentic spear and axe movements from old kung fu systems and modern chop-socky movie stunts.

Master Cutlery's limited edition run of the Hellboy II Spear isn't all that limited. Five thousand numbered pieces will be produced. That doesn't restrict the collectability of this interesting movie replica weapon. Made for display, the Prince Nuada Spear -- counterpart to Hellboy's own personal weapon, a similarly-styled sword -- mounts on a nicely finished wooden wall plaque embellished with the Hellboy II logo, all included in the collector's package.

The spear itself is 33.5 inches long with a short but heavy stainless steel blade that seems to be as much ax as spearhead. Though Master Cutlery describes the set as constructed from museum-quality materials, an indication of the true level of workmanship is the black vinyl wrapping on the handle. Keeping the weapon at museum grade will require some caution and care. Still, this is a weapon with dramatic rather than practical value, and fans of the movie will appreciate the attention to detail that it shows. If owners are interested in collectability as well, protecting the original packaging could be every bit as important as protecting the spear itself.

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