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Meyerco 18-XRAY Military Black Tanto Switchblade Knife

SAS Lockback Tactical Folder

Posted by Ken

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Meyerco 18-XRAY Military BlackTantoDarrel Ralph designed this tactical switchblade for law enforcement and military use, so if you're a civilian don't expect to own one yourself (unless you qualify due to disability--switchblades are legal for one armed users to carry). There are other great Meyerco tactical knives available to the general public, though, so check our links below.

On this knife, the open length of 8 7/8" includes a hardened aircraft aluminum handle that automatically deploys a 3 13/16" black epoxied tanto blade, half serrated for rough work. The Slide Auto System (SAS) allows deployment or closing with a single one-handed sliding button. SAS ensures that the blade will neither open accidentally in your pocket, nor fold accidentally during use. A strong metal pocket clip keeps the knife always at the ready.

Made in America with 100% American parts, the 18-XRAY's patented opening system eliminates the need for two separate motions and separate buttons. Anything that's simpler is better, when speed is important. Ninety five percent of the parts that go into this knife are made right in the Ralph family's own shop, and the rest are selected from American manufacturers that the Ralph family trusts. Their goal is a knife that "opens like magic and locks like a bank vault."

A precision knife like this one deserves special care. Although it's made to such high standards that fouling due to dirt buildup isn't usually a problem, it's the kind of machine you'll prefer to treat like a fine sidearm. The little bit of cleaning it requires will be a pleasure.

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