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Milwaukee Circular Saw Worm Drive 6477-20

Power Tools for Professional Contractors

Posted by JT Hats

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Milwaukee Circular Saw Worm DriveMilwaukee's 6477-20 Worm Drive 7-1/4-inch Circular Saw offers contractor grade performance and the power to plow through tough jobs without stalling. Fifteen amps drive the 4400 rpm motor, and the oil-bathed hardened steel worm gear delivers that power efficiently. This saw won't grind to a halt like a lesser machine. There's enough dependable power in the Milwaukee 6477-20 to justify reading the manual twice.

The two hand grips give operators enough control to cut accurately and overcome momentary problems safely. The overhand grip provides pressure where you need it most when kickbacks threaten. Adjustments are simpler than on cheaper saws, with locking levers that release easily and clamp securely without the guesses and retries you can expect with a low end machine. The composite base slides smoothly over any material, sometimes slick enough to make work without a fence a little dicey. On the plus side of that, the rugged platform won't distort -- so if you need a true edge on the cutting base, you can count on it being right.

Overall, it's a machine built to last with a solid five-year warranty behind it and handy maintenance features like a glass vial oil gauge to make sure you're doing the essentials correctly. Magnesium construction reduces the weight, but this saw still weighs over 14 pounds. Sensible controls and the low-friction base make the extra pounds much less noticeable in action.

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