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Miss A Army Kit Pocket Knife

NBC Today Show | Emergency Multi-tool | Makeup Fashion

Posted by Ken

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Miss A Army Kit Pocket Knife Obviously I'm in favor of carrying knives, but not only for self defense. We all constantly run into circumstances that require tools. Knives are among the first implements that humans invented. Leaving your knife behind is like leaving your teeth behind.

In modern circumstances our needs are sometimes different. We live among situations our ancestors did not encounter, so we require a new selection of tools. In fact, you might require a nearly completely different emergency tool set than I do. How many times have you been in a situation where you needed, for example, a fresh splash of perfume? Or an emergency tweezers for a misaligned eyelash?

The Miss Army Kit (and now, since a change in corporate sponsorship, the Miss A), matches the needs of a different population segment than mine. Recently seen on NBC's Today Show and featured in U.S. Weekly, the Miss Army is the solution to Hollywood's fashion emergencies and wardrobe malfunctions. This lightweight, Swiss Army style (but not Victorinox) pocket multi tool includes a mirror, nail file, pill box, perfume bottle, sewing kit, flashlight, ruler, tweezers, pen, scissors and safety pin along with the usual penknife blade and corkscrew. It also includes a key ring, and might actually be handy hanging from one. The Miss A comes in a variety of attractive colors and is a great Christmas stocking stuffer

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