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Myerchin Dive Knife A500

Offshore Safety Coast Guard & Marine Professional Rigging Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Myerchin Dive Knife A500 Myerchin's Model A500 Offshore Knife developed in response to requests from Coast Guard sailors and divers in southern California. These professionals wanted a knife specially designed to cut through heavy rigging quickly and stow away with a low profile. No one made a rigging knife that satisfied that need until Myerchin did.

The Model A500 Offshore Knife has now become standard equipment for Coast Guardsmen, Merchant Marines, and anyone who works with heavy rigging. When you need the quickest answer, the Model A500 provides it. Only eight inches long and seven ounces in weight, the concave cutting edge is designed for cutting rope and harness fast. Machined and ground from a single bar of heavy 440C high carbon stainless steel, the A500 shows good corrosion resistance and holds a cutting edge well. Since users who spend long periods on the ocean can't get by with serrated blades that only get sharpened at the factory, Myerchin designed a serrated edge which can be resharpened by hand with a tapered round file. In the corrosive conditions of extended time at sea, some careful maintenance keeps the A500 in top shape.

The flat build of the Myerchin A500 -- combined with the versatile mounting options of its sheath -- allow sailors, fishermen, and climbers to lash the knife to gear or wear it on the belt. The low profile of the system reduces its chances of snagging on other equipment or catching on natural obstacles. The nylon fabric sheath includes a Velcro-closure flap that keeps the A500 in place in any position. String a wrist loop through the lanyard hole in the tang for extra security.

If you've been waiting for a serrated knife you can actually keep sharp, the wait's over.

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