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Hanwei Handmade Premium Ninja Sword

Practical Shinobi Ninja-To Katana, Straight Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Paul Chen Premium Ninja Sword This shorter straight blade katana from Hanwei Forge recreates the blade favored by the ninja of Japan, who sometimes created useful and easily concealed weapons from large swords broken in combat. The Practical Shinobi Ninja-To includes some of the cost-costing methods features found in Hanwei's larger practical cutters.

No quality was lost in the full tang blade of this 34-1/2-inch high carbon steel sword, which is hand forged and clay tempered to produce the differential hardness of a high performance sword. The hamon or tempering mark along the edge marks the real thing in this katana -- the mark shows that a layer of clay protected the edge during quenching, keeping the edge hard as the temper of the spine dropped to a tougher and more impact-resistant level.

Inexpensive black iron fittings with an antiqued black finish cut the cost without taking away from the appearance of the weapon. Details on the cast iron tsuba or bladeguard show some of the kuji-kiri hand postures from the mystical side of the ninja tradition. Using intricate finger positions and secret mental techniques, the ancient ninja channeled mystical energies in order to produce such impossible feats as disappearing in plain sight.

The traditional appearance of the tsuka or grip hides synthetic white rayskin instead of the more expensive version, and the tsuka-ito or woven wrapping is actually synthetic black leather. Bindings of the black lacquered hardwood scabbard are authentic black cotton.

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