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Legendary Britons King Sword Replica w/ Display Plaque

Medieval Celtic Renaissance Weapon Review for SCA, LARP

Posted by JT Hats

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Legendary Britons King Sword Replica w/The Trademark Legendary Sword's decorations and style represent a fanciful weapon from another time. Intended for display only, the Sword of the King of the Britons includes a polished hardwood wall plaque with brass mounting hardware, but no scabbard.

Pommel and cross-guard, both of solid cast metal, display emblems of dragons and other mythical symbols, and the blade itself is engraved with Celtic patterns. The 45-1/4-inch-long sword wields a 36-inch double-edged blade of 440 high carbon stainless steel. Approximately one-third of the blade's length is un-beveled ricasso -- a section intended for parrying the enemy weapon or as a hand grip forward of the cross-guard. In close quarters combat, this two-handed grip improved the sword's speed. The rat-tail tang of the sword is enclosed in a hardwood handle covered with synthetic leather. Antiqued fittings give the impression of age.

The blade thickness of 5/32 of an inch makes the sword lighter than most weapons of this size. Cutting edges are shaped, not sharpened, and the temper of the blade isn't designed for cutting. Use caution if you test the sword on any real target, since it wasn't built for combat. As a display sword, it's a nice piece for those interested in fantasy weapons with a traditional look. Inspired by a story of a king who plucked a magical blade from a moonlit pool, the sword has no real historical counterpart.

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