New RSS Feeds for Kitchen Knives, Outdoor/Pocket Knives, Martial Arts & Swords

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If you’re reading OnlyKnives via RSS, or if you’d like to, check out our new RSS feeds.

Readers told us that they’d like to have feeds that focused on one single category of OnlyKnives content. Apparently, the kitchen knife followers got tired of reading about pocket knives and swords. Go figure!

So we’re proud to announce three new feeds — one for kitchen knives, one for pocket knives & outdoor knives, and one for martial arts weapons, swords & replicas.

Our original feed still exists and still includes everything on OnlyKnives so, if you’re interested in everything sharp and pointy, stick with that one.

If you’re reading this via RSS and want to switch to one of the new, specialized feeds, simply unsubscribe from the old feed and click here to choose your new feed. That link is also accessible from our homepage (look for the RSS icon).

We’ve also created email lists that mirror our RSS feeds so, if you’d rather keep in touch via email, you can check those out on the homepage as well.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!