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Fernanda Revolving Swivel Knife Block

22 Slot Birch Hardwood

Posted by JT Hats

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Fernanda Revolving Swivel Knife Block Most knife blocks provide space for mid-sized and smaller knives but no place for cleavers. This massive birch hardwood knife block from Fernanda has room for a full-sized meat cleaver and also three large chef's knives or santokus. With 22 slots in all, there's space here for everything but kitchen shears.

The block itself revolves on a Lazy Susan bearing mounted to a hardwood base 6-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches. Backing the block up to a wall keeps the knife block in position without allowing turning -- a good idea where access isn't a problem. On kitchen island workspaces, the revolving block gives access to prep knives from any side. The 22 slots include a space for a standard honing steel and slots in the base for eight steak knives. Slot width and spacing accommodate most modern knife styles. The vertical layout makes retrieving knives from the block quick and easy.

Always dry the knives off thoroughly before placing them in the block to prevent moisture from building up in the slots. Care of the block is simple -- clean up spatters with a moist cloth, and oil the block occasionally to maintain its water repellence. For best results, place the block away from sources of heat and moisture. Don't position the knife block near a cooktop or under an overhanging cabinet where steam might accumulate. Good ventilation and an even temperature place less stress on the laminations. Keep the hardwood base out of liquid spills to prevent warping and possible distortion of the bearing.

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