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Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa Dragon Ninja Sword

Anime Replica Katana

Posted by Ken

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Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa Dragon NinjaFor collectors of anime swords and for fanatical fans of the game Ninja Gaiden, this 42" katana will be a familiar friend. The mainstay weapon of hero Ryu Hayabusa, the Dragon Ninja Katana was essential to both victory and revenge. The original Dragon Sword was said to be forged from the fangs of a dragon; this full tang weapon, with a polished 30" blade, is forged from high carbon stainless steel but is a good match for the legendary katana.

The simulated rayskin handle comes in a choice of red, white, blue and black, with a dark hued wooden sheath to match, although an old game cover depicts the sword in red. (The Dark Dragon Sword, counterpart weapon of the hero's arch rival, might also be found here). The gold colored metal hilt matches the pattern of the game weapon's hardware, and similar gold metal trimmings decorate the butt of the sword and the scabbard. A strap is included for over the shoulder wear in the ninja warrior style.

As with any good blade there will be an impulse to take a swing and test it out, but construction of an anime reproduction sword is weakest when it's a complex build like the katana. Katanas aren't just hunks of steel. This sword was built to be a tangible symbol of the powers in the game and will do best on display.

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