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Shun Classic U2 (Ultimate Utility) Damascus Knife

Sandwich Spatula Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Classic U2 (Ultimate Utility)Seki, Japan, where the Shun Classic Ultimate Utility (U2) is manufactured, has a long history as a center of Samurai sword production. Many of the old techniques that produced these legendary military blades have now been transferred to high quality cutlery such as the U2.

For the best katana, sword makers used a Damascus steel--layers of folded high tensile strength carbon steel surrounding a core and cutting edge with superior hardness. In the U2, sixteen layers of forged steel enfold each side a VG10 core. The result is a beautiful stainless steel blade with flexibility and a superior edge.

The scalloped edge design is intended for tough work like cutting through hard crusted sandwiches (and tender fillings) without crushing the structure of the creation. The U2 will slice through a hard French roll with nearly the same speed it travels through a salad tomato. The rounded tip and wide flexible blade allow it to double as a small spatula. Although it's not the mainstay blade of the kitchen, specialty chefs find it invaluable.

The PakkaWood handle, a durable composite of resin injected birch wood, is D-shaped so that the blade won't slip in the hand. The bolster is ground out on the right side for comfortable finger placement. A reverse model is available for left handers.

The durable but unique character of the scalloped cutting edge may require infrequent factory maintenance. Even though it's dishwasher safe, to protect the edge hand washing is recommended.

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