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Planter Axe Gardening Tool, Digging & Landscaping

High Carbon Steel Ax w/ Hickory Handle 855-01

Posted by JT Hats

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Planter Axe Gardening Tool, Digging &If you're working up a new garden spot or moving bushes, you will encounter roots that only some sort of axe will handle. The Planter Axe was built for that. With a 5-1/2 pound steel axe head and a 36-inch-long handle of American hickory, a determined gardener can move nearly anything.

Working around stumps or the perimeters of bushes you're trying to transplant always seems to involve cutting roots that run the wrong direction for a good, safe swing. If you're using a double-bladed axe, you have only one choice -- but the Planter Axe's blades set at 90 degrees to each other. With this axe, you'll always have two options, and one probably works.

The high carbon steel axe is heavy and built for rough chopping, not fine details. The thick edge holds up to occasional encounters with rocks but doesn't hold a razor edge for long. It's meant for digging as much as it is for chopping. Wearing safety goggles when swinging this tool is an excellent precaution against flying chips of stone. The axe also works well for narrow trenching and will cut through hard packed ground if need be.

The Planter's Axe won't be the tool you use in the garden daily, but it saves time on the tough jobs that would ruin your regular gardening tools.

For another version of a practical landscaping axe, see the Ames Pulaski Axe.

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