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Eragon Sword Belt & Frog For Scabbard, Black Leather

Fantasy Cosplay Medieval Accessory Set for Master Cutlery Swords

Posted by JT Hats

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Eragon Sword Belt & Frog, Black Leather When you've purchased a beautiful sword, whether it came from a fantasy realm or a historical background, it's natural to want to try it on. Usually we get as far as picking up the scabbard, because modern clothing isn't equipped for tucking in swords here and there. That's disappointing. Unless you live near a medieval armory, it's difficult to find the right accessories.

With the Eragon sword series, there's another option besides hanging the sword on the wall and looking at it. This universal frog and belt, made of genuine leather and crafted as well as the swords are made, fits any sword scabbard from the Eragon line. Just slip the tapered scabbard through the frog and adjust the waist belt to get the best angle for carrying and drawing the blade. The frog fits both swords used by the mystic storyteller Brom -- his standard blade and the red-bladed Zar'roc passed down to Eragon -- and the swords of Galbatorix and Durza. Belt and frog adjust to fit most Master Cutlery swords, not just the Eragon series.

The double-belt system studded with antiqued metal rivets looks authentic and works well. The waist belt itself is 58 inches long and fully adjustable to fit either the thick or thin warrior. All items in the Eragon series were created to meticulously match the equipment portrayed in the movie. Unlike cheap replica gear, the Eragon weapons and accessories use high quality materials and high standards of workmanship.

For an example of the swords meant to fit this harness, see the Zar'Roc Eragon Sword.

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