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Practice Katana Swords

Sponge Covered Black Daito Set

Posted by Ken

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Practice Katana Swords In order to fully prepare for the elite experience of wielding a real, battle-ready sword in your martial art of choice, training with a daito set (or practice sword) is essential. It's best to get a quality set that will provide you with superb balance, keep you safe during sparring sessions, and ultimately withstand a lot of wear and tear.

This practice set by General Edge might be the set you purchase if you are looking for something extremely inexpensive and don't plan on using the swords that often. Here's why:

From the outward appearance, these swords give off a fairly good vibe, but it's when the swords are wielded and used that a few issues start to arise. For one thing, the balance isn't as optimal as we'd like to see. It's adequate, but not optimal -- certainly nothing professional-grade.

The biggest concern is the set's durability. Multiple owners have complained that the swords do not maintain their stability under intense sparring and contact. In fact, some swords have even broken under the pressure! Not the best choice for daily use.

However, the idea of a sponge-covered daito is widely sought-after due to the addition of a safety buffer zone. Other models are covered with rubber, while most you'll find are crafted purely from wood.

This practice daito set comes with two identical swords that measure 40 inches in overall length. The handles are easy to grip, and you'll find that the swords are extremely lightweight as well.

We could recommend this set for lightweights, possibly for children just learning how to spar with a sword. They'll stay safe and have a lot of fun practicing with their new sponge-covered martial arts accessory.

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