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ProTech Godfather Automatic Switchblade Knife

Stiletto Dagger | Black Stainless Steel

Posted by Ken

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ProTech Godfather Automatic SwitchbladeAn upgrade of the stiletto switchblades made famous by the gangster movies of the 1950's, the knives of the Protech Godfather series, including this beautiful version with black elder burlwood inlay, are a refined evolution of a battlefield mainstay. Dating back to Renaissance battles against fully armoured knights, the stiletto design originally was created to punch through metal armour.

A long and bloody history took the stiletto dagger through military battlefields of World War I, and finally into modern times where this particular style of knife, easily concealed and opened with a touch of the finger, is restricted mostly to law enforcement and military personnel.

A knife like Protech's Godfather, with a full sized open length of 9.6" and a stainless steel blade of 4", takes the automatic knife into a higher level of both art and engineering. American improvements such as tungsten DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon) and handles machined from solid slabs of aircraft quality aluminum result in high tech knives with a traditional look and enhanced dependability. The modified dagger point blade has a thinner cross section and more delicate build than the knives from the 1950's. If through some quirk of fortune you have a legal need for an automatic knife, for ordinary tasks, you may want to pick something that wasn't patterned after an assassin's weapon.

The stainless steel pocket clip, another American perk, keeps this knife at the ready even in the pocket of 007's best suit.

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