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ProTech Godson Black Tuxedo Switchblade Knife

Police Military Rescue Stiletto

Posted by Ken

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ProTech Godson Black Tuxedo SwitchbladeInspired by the Italian made blades of wiseguys and "made men," the American engineered Protech Godson brings the practical beauty of this efficient European classic to American pockets. If the laws governing the use of automatic knives were relaxed, they'd overwhelm the marketplace; as it is, only a select few can legally purchase and carry them.

So, if you're a James Bond type, policeman, active duty military, or even an emergency medical technician, you can own this chunk of style. Otherwise you may have to give up a hand to qualify, because if you've lost the use of one you're allowed to have this one in the other. Seems unfair to the rest of us, but at least we can sit back and admire.

The coil spring action of the Godson dependably releases a 3.25" modified dagger stainless steel blade with a single push of a button. The Godson Tuxedo accents the polished ivory look of the Micarta inlays with a black Tungsten DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) that is one of the most durable finishes with the ability to stick to stainless steel. The nonreflective surfaces of blade and bolster give this knife functional beauty.

Certainly you could use this knife for ordinary tasks like peeling apples and trimming the insulation from electrical wires, but it seems too good for that. It's a knife for the extreme edge of society.

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