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Puma Pocket Knife w/ Clip Point, Spey, Sheepsfoot Blade

Stockman Stag Handle, Slip Joint

Posted by JT Hats

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Puma Pocket Knife w/ Clip Point, Spey,The slip joint style pocket knife -- like the Puma Stockman Stag -- used to be the standard pocket blade for ranchers, farmers, and outdoorsmen. Three blades covered most common purposes no matter what the profession, and if the tip broke off one of them, it also counted as an emergency screwdriver. The Puma Stockman with stag antler handles matches a design so familiar it attracts very little attention -- but if you compare the Puma version to rival American-made knives, you will see a subtle difference.

The three-inch clip point, two-inch sheepsfoot, and 2-1/4-inch spey blades were hand forged at the company's factory in Solingen, Germany, where the main and best Puma product line is still produced. The high carbon D1.4 stainless steel blades have been Rockwell-tested to between 57 and 59, so you know they'll hold an edge. All the materials are high quality, including the stag antler handle slabs and nickel-silver polished bolsters. Puma also makes the Stockman with bone handle slabs, but the antlers are a renewable harvest humanely collected without harm to the animals.

Brass liners protect the folded blades, which snap into position once opened and are held in place firmly by bars of spring steel. Don't consider this a lockback knife, even though the action is solid -- a firm pressure releases the blade for closure. At three ounces and four inches folded length, it's a sturdy knife big enough for real work but not too big for pocket carry. The Puma should last a lifetime if you wipe it down now and then with a lightly oiled cloth and don't lose it in the lake.

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