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Makita Circular Saw, Cordless

Lithium Ion Battery 18V BSS611Z

Posted by JT Hats

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Makita Circular Saw, Cordless Makita's cordless BSS611Z circular saw operates on a compact lithium ion battery pack which recharges in only 30 minutes. This 6-1/2-inch diameter saw cuts to 2-1/4 inches deep at a 90-degree setting -- only an eighth of an inch less than a 7-1/2-inch American brand. At 45 degrees, this compact 7-pound saw will still cut completely through a standard 2x4.

For anyone who needs full power without the power cord, the Makita cordless 18V circular saw is an excellent choice. Get the battery charging system and battery packs to keep the machine running at a steady work pace -- one pack in the machine and the other in the charging stand. Work in areas beyond the reach of extension cords -- take the saw to the work instead of the other way around.

Added safety comes along with the second operator handle, giving the two-handed grip and improved control you ordinarily find on larger saws. Unlike cheap battery pack machines, the Makita is built to last with a two-piece armature and easily replaceable armature brushes. The warranty on the saw extends for three years, but the Makita should be a valuable tool in your workshop and on the job site for years beyond that.

Chargers and batteries, available separately, are fully warranted for one year -- Makita's Lithium-Ion battery packs are designed for longer life, with 2.5 times the maximum number of recharge cycles possible with older rechargeable battery designs. Lightweight, rugged, and refined, the BSS611Z circular saw is everything you should expect from Makita.

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