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Queen Cutlery Mountain Man Lockback Knife

Tool Steel Folding Hunting Blade

Posted by Ken

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Queen Cutlery Mountain Man LockbackThe Mountain Man Lockback from Queen Cutlery is nearly big enough to match the simple functionality of a small sheath knife, but folds in pocketknife style for easy carry. Built with the strength for heavy work, the lockback function provides security under load, eliminating that extra thought (reminding yourself it can fold back on your fingers) you need when using most pocket knives.

In Queen Cutlery's Pennsylvania factory, craftmen still follow the methods and patterns of a century ago, combining the old reliable knowledge with the new techniques that make sense. Queen's modern products show the same features as the antiques from their predecessor, Schatt and Morgan, whose knives now occupy places on collector's shelves.

Suitable as a small hunting and skinning knife, the Mountain Man will also find many uses at home and even in the woodshop, with the size and grip you need in a utility or camp blade. The 4 5/8" closed length is a little too bulky for the pocket but adapts well to many accessory belt sheaths available today.

Queen Cutlery's tradition of fine production level craftsmanship and the use of the best natural materials result in a simple and very practical knife with collectability. The rare American hardwood birdseye maple provides unique beauty as well as practicality in the handle grips of this unique American design.

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