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Ryumon Shirasaya Wood Katana, Full Tang

Hand Forged Sword w/ Box & Cleaning Kit

Posted by JT Hats

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Ryumon Shirasaya Wood Katana, Full Tang Shirasaya swords like this natural Hand-Forged Katana from Ryumon provide only the basics and leave the finishing touches to the new owners. Ryumon incorporates traditional materials and traditional construction methods in the set and includes a cleaning kit, display box, and informative reference manual.

High carbon steel and a full-length blood groove or hi marks this sword as a functional cutter, honed to a fine edge and ready for use right out of the box. Although the sword is a Japanese style, it's actually a Chinese make -- hand forged and hand finished at one of China's most famous sword-making villages. Called "the City of Treasure Sword," Lungquan Village and the town's many family forges provided some of China's most well-known weapons over the course of its 2600-year history. This Ryumon sword includes a certificate of authenticity, which verifies its Lungquan origin.

Natural buffalo horn protects the koiguchi or scabbard mouth, and the hardwood grip and scabbard both carry a protective coat of clear lacquer. The sword's grip disassembles if the wooden pegs fixing the wood to the blade's full tang are knocked out. It's possible to rework this sword using purchased fittings and create a more complex katana with bladeguard, pommel, and woven grip, but many who buy shirasaya katanas like the look of this very basic pattern. Even without the usual hardware, the 39.5-inch katana weighs a respectable 1 pound 14 ounces and has a genuine combat quality feel.

A cotton bag protects the sword if you carry it to and from training, and the lacquered display box decorated with the Ryumon dragon offers safe storage for the sword and its accessories.

See this even simpler version of the Ryumon Shirasaya Katana if you're interested in just the basics.

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