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Victorinox Ceramic Chef’s Knife

Flexible Kitchen Blade, Zirconium Oxide 6 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Victorinox Ceramic Chef's Knife The Victorinox Ceramic Chef's knife outperforms not just steel knives but many other ceramic knives as well. The Cutlery Allied Trade Research Association tested the new zirconium oxide knives from Victorinox and judged them three times more flexible than other ceramic knives in the test, with a edge that last five times as long.

If you're used to steel knives, the white blade and black Fibrox handle of the Ceramic Chef's Knife may startle you, but make a few cuts with this unusual knife and you'll know why ceramic knives won't be going away. On a microscopic level, the edge of a fired ceramic knife is angular instead of rounded like steel. You're actually cutting with the edge of a crystalline lattice instead of forged metal, so the cutting action is noticeably different.

Since zirconium oxide doesn't rust, the only wear and tear on the edge comes from use. These tougher ceramics, fired at temperatures over 2700 degrees F, lessen the owner's worries about broken blades and chipped edges but don't remove them completely. The ceramic could break if dropped or flexed, and the cutting edge could chip if used on a hard surface or twisted while under pressure. Small chips don't severely degrade the performance of this knife, but following the manufacturer's recommendations for both use and maintenance prevent most issues. The Chef's Knife is more a slicing tool than an all-purpose knife. Keep your old steel knife around for the tougher jobs.

Clean the Ceramic Chef's Knife with a mild detergent solution, not the dishwasher. The white blade isn't affected by acids and won't rust or transfer flavors to food. The non-porous ceramic also resists stains and sheds food particles. If owners learn the new rules and respect the knife's limits, the cutting edge could stay sharp for years of normal use.

Compare to the Kyocera Ceramic 3-piece set, a basic assortment of 3 high-tech ceramic slicers plus a ceramic peeler.

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