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Cut Resistant UltraShield Glove by Victorinox

Kitchen Safety Cutting Prep Gloves, Dishwasher Safe

Posted by JT Hats

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Cut Resistant UltraShield Glove byThis cut-resistant UltraShield glove from Victorinox Cutlery protects busy hands from cuts and scrapes while prepping vegetables and meat. It's not body armor, but it does add a safety margin to tricky work, and it's much easier to work in than the usual clumsy "chainmail" cutting glove.

Anyone who does repetitive fast cutting work in the kitchen should have a cutting glove handy -- and wear it. Any time you work with slippery food and sharp knives, your fingers are at risk. One cutting glove is all you need to prevent trouble. The flexible glove reverses to fit either the left or the right hand. You could wear it on the off-hand while slicing garden produce for home canning, or wear it on the right hand for fast work on the mandoline. The protective mesh of the UltraShield consists of woven steel wire covered with a comfortable layer of polyethylene plastic and polyester yarn. The UltraShield deflects slicing cuts but won't prevent piercing or crushing injuries, so continue to follow safe practices with knives and kitchen machines. Replace damaged gloves for the best level of protection.

The UltraShield glove cleans easily in the dishwasher but could be washed by hand, and a bleach disinfectant won't harm the materials. Anti-microbial compounds in the mesh coating prevent buildup of bacteria between uses. The lightweight construction increases dexterity and comfort and makes it more likely that you'll wear the glove instead of tossing it in a drawer and wishing you'd worn it later.

Try the cutting glove in combination with the Victorinox Boning Knife for more control and more safety.

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