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Shark Carving Dovetail Rip Saw

Dowel Detail 10-2204

Posted by JT Hats

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Shark Carving Dovetail Rip Saw The Shark Dowel/Dovetail/Detail Saw cuts one of the thinnest kerfs possible, but even though it's a great crosscut saw for tenons and tricky detail work it isn't the only saw you'll need for dovetailing.

The Shark Detail Saw is so thin and flexible that it's a little tricky to use. In a rip cut, the blade will be pushed out of line by the different densities of the grain. Since much of the work in dovetailing involves a rip cut, you'll be better off combining this saw with a fine toothed ryoba, which does have a ripsaw edge. The Shark Detail Saw does even better crosscut work than the crosscut edge of the larger doubled-edged ryoba.

Since the Detail Saw cuts on the pull stroke, the force of the pull keeps the thin steel blade straight. Rush the work, and the steel will flex and begin to wander. Score a line across the work with the point of a sharp knife, and one set of this saw's fine teeth will ride in the guiding cut without skipping. Let the saw work at its own speed, and the result is a shearing cut so smooth you'll hate to do anything more to it. Results are fast even with a light touch. As with Shark's other saws, sharpening saw teeth will be a chore from the past if you buy the Shark Detail Saw. Blades switch out at the push of a button.

The Detail Saw will also get into places other saws won't fit, so it's a great emergency tool for carpenters and handymen who have to solve unusual problems. Don't be fooled by the small size -- it'll cut through a 2x4 with no problems.

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