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Shinwa Functional Odachi

Battle Ready Samurai Sword

Posted by Ken

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Shinwa Functional Odachi For a fully-functional, battle-ready odachi sword, Shinwa's version is a tough one to beat in terms of quality and affordability.

This odachi is made from super-strong 1060 high carbon steel, with a razor-sharp double edge that protrudes to a point at the tip. It's genuinely handmade, and if you look closely you can even see the uneven folded waves of steel along the edge to prove it.

The long handle will easily accommodate any two-handed grip. It's wrapped with authentic rayskin and black cord. The tsuba and koiguchi are both made from solid brass, engraved with a decorative samurai motif... so it's not a boring sword by any means.

The Shinwa odachi also comes with a black lacquered hardwood scabbard and a sword bag, for display and transportation respectively.

At over five feet long, you'd think an odachi would be more expensive to manufacture than an ordinary katana. Not so, here. You'll find that its price is reasonable for this type of weapon.

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