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SwissTool Spirit Plus

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Posted by Ken

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SwissTool Spirit Plus Before reading this review, you may want to check out the SwissTool Spirit. The "Plus" version has a ruler and the bit driver for adding screwdrivers, corkscrews, etc. That bit driver is an awesome feature, but it does add some bulk to your pouch and adds some cost to the tool.

The Spirit Plus is a grandiose 38-piece set, but is actually smaller than it looks. You'd think it was at least several inches long due to all its features and bits, but it's only 3.25 inches when closed, and 5 inches in overall length.

All components are made from stainless steel, and every single one of those components locks into place when used. The Spirit Plus also features modern kickback springs for easy opening and closing.

The multitool's biggest asset is its 9-bit case, which includes many different sizes of bits compatible with wrench, hex, torx, and Phillips fittings.

There are too many other accessories to mention all at once, but here are some of the ones we like: a wire cutter capable of cutting anything HRC 40 or lower, serrated blade, metal saw, wood saw, chisel/scraper, and a corkscrew with Victorinox's patented mini-screwdriver.

While it may not be the most inexpensive tool on the market, where else are you going to find all those bits in a 5.75-oz tool you can hang around your neck? And we can't forget to mention Victorinox's lifetime warranty, too.

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