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United Cutlery LOTR Herugrim Sword of King Theoden

Movie Fantasy Display Blade

Posted by Ken

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 United Cutlery LOTR Herugrim Sword ofA well made and genuinely beautiful fantasy recreation of the fierce sword of King Theoden in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, this heavy stainless steel blade lacks a sheath but does come with a parchment certificate of authenticity from United Cutlery as well as a silk screened wooden plaque for displaying it on your wall. No doubt it will come down from there now and again when imagination takes hold of your senses.

The double edged blade shows a well defined double blood groove in addition to careful shaping and polishing. The construction is sturdy, the good looks extending to the solid brass fittings and genuine leather handgrip. Decoration of the handguard is based on a "horses of Rohan" design, also traceable to Tokien's famous stories. Fans of both the books and the movie series are pleased with United Cutlery's effort to bring this sword to life accurately. With a 36" length and a weight of ten pounds, it does not feel like a toy.

The brass may tarnish with time, but that can be touched up with a little polish now and then. Unlike the blade in the story, this one won't rust if it leaves King Theoden's employ.

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